Miranda Kerr: She gets along better with Katy Perry than with her ex

Miranda Kerr
She gets along better with Katy Perry than with her ex

Miranda Kerr is friends with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

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Miranda Kerr is friends with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom and his fiancé Katy Perry. She even prefers to spend time with Perry.

Miranda Kerr (38), her ex-husband Orlando Bloom (44) and his fiancée Katy Perry (36) are friends. The model now betrayed in the podcast “Moments with Candace Parker”that it would even rather spend time with Perry than with Bloom. “We’re going on vacation together. We’re celebrating all the important milestones together,” said Kerr of her friendship with the singer. “I love her.” The model could even “say for sure” that she loves Perry more than Orlando Bloom, she said.

She now sees the actor like a brother – mostly as an “annoying brother,” she joked. Perry help her “deal with him”. “I’m so grateful that she’s here because it takes the pressure off,” continued Kerr.

When Bloom started dating Perry, the actor once invited his ex-wife. “We hit it off right away,” Kerr recalled her first meeting with the new woman at her ex-husband’s side. With Flynn, the ten-year-old son of Kerr and Bloom, Perry was “very playful”. “She didn’t want to be his mother. She was just kind and funny and that’s all you can ask for.”

Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry: Common activities over and over again

The blended family seems to be working fine. In mid-July, for example, Kerr and Perry did yoga together, like the pop star on Instagram showed. The model shared Perry’s post in an Instagram story and wrote: “Love you.” Orlando Bloom also insisted on commenting on the duo’s joint activity: “You two are the cutest. I missed all the fun.”

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom divorced in 2013 after three years of marriage. Bloom has been engaged to Perry since early 2019 – their daughter Daisy Dove was born in August 2020.

Kerr, on the other hand, announced her engagement to Evan Spiegel (31) in July 2016. The wedding took place in May 2017. The couple have two sons, Hart (3) and Myles (1).