Miss Tahiti election canceled because of coronavirus: Current Woman Le MAG

The coronavirus has upset the schedules of many companies, television programs, but also elections. Miss Tahiti committee announced on the radio Radio 1 Tahiti that no Miss will be elected this year following the health crisis. Leiana Faugerat, director of the Miss Tahiti committee, regretted this bad news. "Miss Tahiti is a popular election, it is 3,000 people, the candidates want to have their families with them. Organizing an election without all that, just to have a candidate for Miss France, that’s really not our goal,"she assured.

The casting of Miss Tahiti had however started well but the pandemic turned everything upside down. "All regions have more or less agreed to make TV shows, with votes by SMS or on the Internet. It would be as if we had to organize Miss Tahiti in Facebook live, but it’s really not our wish, " exclaimed Leiana Faugerat. And to continue: "So we would probably be one of the only regions not to be represented at Miss France this year"Even if the presence of a Miss Tahiti would be required for the next Miss France competition, one of the runners-up of Matahari Bousquet, Miss 2019, could be named.

Candidates return in 2021

While the first participants in the 2020 competition had been selected, Leiana Faugerat was forced to shift everything to 2021. "It was really heartbreaking to have to tell them that the election cannot be held in late September. Some were surprised, others understood our approach. Most of them agree to postpone their candidacy until next year,"she revealed, thus pushing young women to wait a year to have to know if they will be able to represent Tahiti.

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