Miss World 2022: this Miss very popular with the public who will represent France

A dramatic change within the Miss France committee. Tuesday October 11, 2022, Diane Leyre revealed that she would not represent France in the next Miss World competition. It is a former Miss France who was chosen to replace her.

Diane Leyre made a surprising decision Tuesday October 11, 2022. Miss France 2022 has revealed that she does not wish to participate in the Miss Universe and Miss World competitions. Indeed, she explained that she would not have time. “Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate in the Miss Universe contest due to lack of time and preparation a few weeks before my presentation of the Miss France title, next December. I don’t like to do things by halves when it comes to representing France internationally“, she explained before the name of her replacement for the Miss World competition was revealed. It is a former Miss France very popular with the French: Clemence Botino.

Miss France 2020 said she was very happy and honored by the trust placed in her. “So… Surprise! I go to Miss World. I think a live is needed to explain this whole story to you! In any case know it, I am very very happy, super excited. Thanks for all your messages“, she wrote in the story of her Instagram account. There is no doubt that she will give her all to go as far as possible in the competition after having experienced a particularly disturbed reign with the numerous confinements and a lot of events. less.

Clémence Botino has the support of Cindy Fabre

Diane Leyre’s decision was welcomed by Cindy Fabre, the new Director of the National Miss France competition. “For several years our national representatives have succeeded in demonstrating that France is one of the countries most represented in the finalists of international competitions. We are delighted with the participation of Floriane Bascou who will represent France in the Miss Universe competition next January as well as Clémence Botino in the Miss World competition.. They will perfectly embody the values ​​of the Miss France competition internationally. We wish them to fully experience this adventure and we will support them throughout their journey.“, she wrote in the caption of the portraits of the two lovely replacements of Miss France.

In addition to Clémence Botino for Miss World, it is Floriane Bascouits first runner-up, Miss Martinique 2021, who was chosen to go to the Miss Universe competition in January 2023. “The choice of my first runner-up, Floriane Bascou, was obvious to live this great adventure. I’m sure she will shine and I will support her like all the French during her journey.“, assured Diane Leyre. The two young women will now have to prepare as well as possible to hope to go as far as possible in the two international competitions. There is no doubt that they will be supported by an entire country, for their greatest happiness. They will try not to disappoint them.

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