Mission works: A couple taxed as “cassos” and “assisted”, he explains and responds to criticism!

M6 is broadcasting this Tuesday, February 1, 2022 the very first issue of its new show, Mission works, my house is a building site. A program run by Laurent Jacquet, a successful youtuber-handyman who helps families in distress after having abandoned renovation work. Angélique and Christophe are the first participants. And even before the airing of the images, the couple was the target of a few attacks on social networks. Near Entertainment TV, the young woman testifies.

The thirties bought a beautiful cottage in Normandy. A dream come true, or almost. Over time, Angélique and Christophe realize that the house is nothing like the home they imagined. And the adventure even turns into a nightmare, until Laurent Jacquet intervenes with the cameras of La Six. “It lasted a good month. It’s been pretty intense, remembers Angelique. We see a lot of comments on social networks saying that it’s not good to give people a blow. So yes, that’s what we needed! We needed that to remotivate ourselves.

It hurt us

These same social networks where the couple receives “benevolent messages in private“… and “lots of reviews“in comments!”We received very nasty words, it hurt us, regrets the young woman. When we see people call us “cassos” or assisted, it’s horrible. We work for this house. We went into debt for twenty-five years for this house, we spent thousands of euros before calling the show. It was our last hope. Without that, maybe we would have sold the house, that we would have separated…

But the couple is far from being defeated by the virulent attacks of Internet users. His participation in Work assignment changed his life. Since the passage of Laurent Jacquet, “it’s a big thorn less in the foot because we no longer knew where to start“, they specify. Especially since Angélique and Christophe had already spent a hell of a lot on work…”The companies we called upon did not advise us well. We spent a lot, a lot of money before“, they confide. Today, all this is only a bad and distant memory!

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