Model Austria: Tourism officer expects vaccinations to be compulsory

Austria as a model
Tourism officer expects vaccination

The traffic light parties reject a general vaccination requirement. Germany’s tourism officer Bareiß still assumes that this will come in the end. It is no longer justifiable that entire industries live in a state of crisis imposed by the state – while others do not allow themselves to be vaccinated.

The tourism commissioner of the executive federal government, Thomas Bareiß, expects a corona vaccination also in Germany. The increasingly worsening situation makes it clear that sooner or later a compulsory vaccination is unavoidable, said the CDU politician. “In retrospect, it was wrong not to see it right from the start. The hope at the time is understandable, but it was not realistic.”

After Austria’s announcement that it would introduce compulsory corona vaccination in February, the topic is also being discussed in Germany. Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder had said that he believed that in the end it would not be possible to avoid it. “Otherwise it’ll be an endless loop with this crap corona.” Representatives of the SPD and FDP, on the other hand, refuse to impose an imprint.

Bareiß said: “For me it is politically no longer justifiable that entire industries, retailers, restaurants, clubs, bars and the entire cinema, cultural and event scene live in a state of crisis prescribed by the state for 20 months and are faced with great existential fears, while others are take the liberty not to vaccinate. ” So far, many companies have been saved with historical measures and sums of money. That doesn’t work in the long run.

According to a survey commissioned by “Bild am Sonntag”, 52 percent of Germans would welcome a general vaccination requirement. 42 percent opposed this. Seven percent gave no answer or answered “don’t know”.

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