Moderation of and access to Starlink from the Gaza Strip: Elon Musk’s promises after his trip to Israel

Samir Rahmoune

November 28, 2023 at 2:34 p.m.


Elon Musk © Naresh777 /

© Naresh777 /

Elon Musk made a trip to Israel to show his sympathy for the population after October 7, 2023. He also made announcements there.

The billionaire had been under fire since mid-November, when he validated messages deemed anti-Semitic on Since then, he has had to endure the withdrawal of numerous advertisers such as IBM, Apple and Walt Disney. It seems that his trip to the Middle East was aimed at restoring his image. He also took the opportunity to make several statements intended to clarify his commitment to the current conflict in Gaza.

Controversial slogans for Elon Musk

Elon Musk continues his balancing act. After his noisy statements in recent weeks, he made a short trip to Israel during which he said he supported Israel’s desire to destroy Hamas, repeating that he “ there is no choice. »

This clear support for the current actions of the government led by Benjamin Netanyahu follows his statements posted 10 days ago. He thus considered that the slogan “ from the river to the sea » and the word “ decolonization » were euphemisms implicitly calling for genocide. He added that the calls “ clear » Extreme violence would be punished.

Starlink in Gaza, yes… but only if Israel approves

Perhaps more importantly, he also explained that any use of Starlink in the Gaza Strip would be conditional on Israeli approval. Elon Musk had in fact proposed at the end of last October to provide an internet connection to the territory subject to cuts, in particular due to decisions by the Israeli government.

The system that will allow Gaza to potentially benefit from Starlink will be based in Israel, giving this country control of the switch. The world’s richest man says satellite internet could be used by ” recognized international institutions », like the WHO.

Source : BBC, The echoes

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