Modern Warfare 2: New game details leaked

A few weeks before the first trailer for Modern Warfare 2, new details of the game have recently leaked, including the return of studio mode and the addition of dynamic weather for the “DMZ” mode.

As fans eagerly await the first trailer for Modern Warfare 2, leaks about this next installment are increasing over the weeks.

And as often when it comes to leaks about MW2, it’s the famous leaker TheGhostOfHope who announced these details on Twitter.

After recently announcing that the Shooting Range feature is set to return to MW2, the leaker has revealed that another much-loved fan element is set to return as well, and that is Studio Mode which allows you to rewatch your last games performed in multiplayer from all angles.


Modern Warfare 2 is already highly anticipated by CoD fans.

This feature was popular with fans who could record some of their best action to share on YouTube or Twitter.

TheGhostOfHope also revealed another detail in regards to MW2’s new third mode, “DMZ” which is expected to introduce dynamic weather as well as a dynamic day-to-night cycle.

To conclude, the leaker announced the possibility that all these elements could also appear on Warzone 2.

But of course, as with all leaks, we advise you to take this information with a grain of salt until the developers announce things themselves.

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