Modern Warfare 2: Unexpected gameplay coming in first person?

Despite a recent formalization of the next opus ofActivision and Infinity Wardwe are still waiting to learn more about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. At the time of writing these lines, we still have some rather crisp information to put in our mouths, such as the publication in a new way, or the return of a key character of the license, although we are still awaiting confirmation of these.

This time, it’s a new leak that reaches us, and the latter concerns a feature rather appreciated by players which is: the executionor even the “final finish”.

Modern Warfare 2 executions available in first person?

If you are a gamer call of dutyyou are not unaware that you have the ability to execute your enemies. This consists of placing yourself behind a player, then killing him by performing what is therefore called an execution. If she has the merit of killing the enemy for sure, the player who executes it attends the scene with a third person view (i.e. he sees his character doing the action).

Nevertheless, things might change with Modern Warfare 2 since according to a well-known Call of Duty insider, Ralphs Valve on Twitter, developers should allow players toperform these famous executions with a third person view, but also and above all in the first person.

Even if the leaker deleted his original tweet, an interlocutor did not fail to screen it and then question the person concerned about it. Thereby, RalphsValve confirms there will be first-person executionsbut he nevertheless specifies that those in the third person are not excluded and that these are already available in Vanguard or Black Ops Cold War.

Obviously, and we can never repeat it enough, but this is, once again, only a rumor, and we will have to take our troubles patiently before knowing more. What? According to the latest information, we should have news very soon !

Soon the trailer and gameplay images of Modern Warfare 2?

According to the latest information from TheGhostofHope and Tom Hendersonwe should indeed learn more about Modern Warfare 2 in the coming days, and more precisely at the beginning of June.

On June 2, we will (perhaps) have the chance to discover the first official trailer for the game, while June 9 will be reserved for the first gameplay images taken from the title campaign.

Concerning the multiplayer, we should have its first images during the month of August.

While all players’ eyes are on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, new leaks further detail a new mode that should appear when the Infinity Ward title is released. It is about a mode similar to the title Escape from Tarkov.

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