Modern Warfare 2: You will be able to create more wtf mods than the other!

It is on October 28 that the FPS Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will appear on PlayStation, Xbox consoles and also on PC via but also and especially on Steam. And since the announcement of the return of the license on the Valve platform, players are in all their states and hope for much more freedom in the title of Infinity Ward with the possibility of being able to bring custom mods via Steam Workshop.

Modern Warfare 2 hand in hand with Steam Workshop?

First of all, what is Steam Workshop? Steam Workshop brings together content created by players and which can be used by all members of the community in their favorite games. It is, to put it simply,a tool allowing to create and implement personalized mods in said titles.

Therefore, with the announcement of the return of Call of Duty on Steam, players are hoping to have fun with Modern Warfare 2, and among them, one of them is subscribed to the special page of Steam Workshop , but also that of the game, in order to have the latest announcements and publications from players… Well, good news! According to one of the notifications he received, the title of Infinity Ward will indeed be able to take advantage of this tool!

Indeed, according to the user AnotherGibaway, Modern Warfare 2 will be able to benefit through Steam from the special Steam Workshop tool since the latter received a notification then announcing the compatibility between the title and the Valve tool. Nevertheless, and especially unfortunately, he has no way to prove his words, but he still declares to the players to take him at his word even if he has no way to prove it, “but if you follow the game go to your community homepage and see if you get it.”

The possibility of being able to introduce custom mods in Modern Warfare 2 would be a stroke of genius on the part of Infinity Ward since, according to the latest statements from Activision, the game will last longer over time than the old games. What to have the right to novelty throughout the year but also to take advantage of totally wtf mods.

The Call of Duty of redemption

We know it only too well, as Call of Duty players, but the latest titles, especially Vanguard, are not at the level we were hoping for. However, with the arrival of Modern Warfare 2, it seems that the license manages to restore its image.

Already announced as being better than Battlefield 2042 by the players, the title of Infinity Ward will be full of novelties, in particular with regard to Multiplayer with the arrival of two new modes, but also with the return of the much appreciated Ground War.

Unfortunately we have to wait a little longer before being able to discover the first images of the latter, but also while waiting, we hope, for the officialization of the free-to-play DMZ mode.

While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is still not out, players are full of hope and are mostly already speculating about Infinity Ward’s next title. According to the various comments from the community, MW2 would be better than Battlefield 2042…

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