MOKI Burgenland celebrates – help and support for sick children

In 2001, the Mobile Child Nursing Care, MOKI Burgenland, was founded in the Neusiedl district. At that time, actually intended for healthy children, the association has developed a lot. In the meantime, chronically ill children are looked after, a palliative team has been added and psychological help is also available.

MOKI Burgenland looks after chronically ill children and adolescents. There are currently 12 qualified child and youth carers and many volunteers working for the association.

Palliative care team since 2017
In 2017 a palliative and hospice team was added. Because unfortunately children and young people in Burgenland die from their diseases again and again.

MOKI chairwoman Doris Zoder-Spalek uses a few figures to show how important the work of her association is: “In 2001 we accompanied four children and their families with 47 hours of work, in 2020/21 there will be more than 250 children with up to 8,000 hours.”

Nursing staff is wanted
Corona has also left its mark here – people are being sought especially for the southern Burgenland team. Regional Councilor Leo Schneemann thanked MOKI for the work and emphasized the importance of the non-profit organization.

Because on the one hand taking care of the children at home is a socially important component, on the other hand it is also a mathematical one. The costs of home nursing are lower than an inpatient stay.

Donate for MOKI
The support of families who need palliative support for their child is free of charge. However, some families still have to pay a deductible, which is difficult for many. However, MOKI urgently needs donations in order to be able to continue to guarantee optimal support.

If you want to help, you can do so under the donation account: AT04 4300 0443 2373 0000. The donations are tax deductible.

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