Mold in the washing machine? Here’s how to eliminate them


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A clean washing machine and clothes that will be just as clean. Here’s how to get rid of mold growing in your appliance.

Doing laundry ? Nothing could be simpler: put the dirty laundry in the drum, pour a little detergent and possibly fabric softener, choose the program and press the “start” button. But you may not know that the “clean” laundry that comes out will actually be stuffed with bacteria. The reason ? Molds that multiply and end up clogging the washing machine. And this is all the more true if, for the sake of ecology or otherwise, you do almost exclusively cold washes.

At the first signs, visual or smell, you must act. If you smell sulfur (rotten egg smell) in the room where the washing machine is installed, then it is high time to take action and clean the dirty washing machine to stop it. the development of mold.

How do you get rid of mold when it has settled in the washing machine?

  • Put on gloves and grab a rag or old, worn out towel
  • Pour hot water into a large bowl and add either bleach or white vinegar (but not the two together) to make a half-and-half mixture.
  • Dip the cloth or towel in the preparation and rub the visible mold. Make sure to make the joints but also the detergent drawer (which will have to be dismantled to clean the inside)
  • Once the elements are clean, remember to wipe them dry, including in all the folds and creases
  • Start a wash cycle on the hottest program, taking care to pour a small glass of bleach or white vinegar into the detergent drawer. This should kill any hidden mold that was still left in the machine.
  • At the end of the cycle, use a clean cloth (or another old towel) and wipe the inside of the machine well once again (tub drum, gaskets,
  • Leave the porthole door ajar to allow everything to dry as well as possible. Wait 24 hours before starting a new classic cycle to wash clothes

Ideally, this routine should be performed once a month and not wait for mold to be visible to react.

Clean the gaskets regularly

Granted, mold can take hold in any washing machine, but it’s more likely to grow in a front-loading appliance. This is why it is so important to wash and wipe the gaskets around the porthole door. These ensure that water does not escape around the door during the wash cycle. But sealing also means that moisture remains and can promote the growth of mold and bad odors. It is therefore necessary to clean these joints regularly with a little water and soap then incer and dry.

Choose the right laundry

Liquid detergents can leave residue in your washing machine, giving bacteria to grow mold. You must therefore first make sure to use a detergent that produces less suds. In this, washing powder is recommended. But, whatever you choose, make sure you only use the amount you need to wash your clothes. We often have too much of a tendency to have a heavy hand on the laundry. This is a mistake and it is often counterproductive in the end. Too much detergent = too much foam = more mold which can grow all over the washing machine. Detergent is therefore used sparingly.

Take your laundry out of the machine just after the cycle

This is the number one rule to prevent molds from taking hold, you have to remember to take out washed clothes and other textiles at the end of the cycle. In this way, humidity does not settle in the washing machine for too long and the laundry does not soak up bacteria and bad odors. We therefore forget the cycles launched just before going to bed or in the morning before going to work. If necessary, most washing machines are equipped with a timer to start the wash a few hours later so that the end of the wash cycle is synchronized with your alarm clock or your return from the office.

Dry wet areas of the machine with every wash

This is THE trick to preventing your washing machine from becoming clogged again and developing more mold. After each cycle, remember to dry the areas that remain wet, especially the inside of the seal between the drum and the porthole door. A wipe down and you’re done. And then leave the machine door open a few hours after a wash cycle, while the moisture is evacuated by natural ventilation.

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