mom flaunts impressive weight loss on Instagram

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On Instagram, Cindy Van Der Auwera unveiled her metamorphosis to her subscribers. The mother of the family has lost 17 kilos. Her weight loss has been hailed by netizens.

Cindy Van Der Auwera, contestant Large families, life in XXL regularly shares images of her daily life on Instagram with her husband Sébastien and their 11 children. Revealed to the general public during season 2 of the TF1 show, the young woman continues to feed her account with pretty shots. This time, she revealed her impressive weight loss this tuesday november 22.

On a before/after photo, Cindy Van Der Auwera appears from the front, dressed in leggings and a tank top, and seems very thin: “Weight loss: -17 kg. You asked me for the photos: they are here and I am now proud to share them with you. I know that I still have more to lose. But to see me before and now motivates me more than ever. I continue with the strength to get there. I do stabilization periods in between so as not to resume. I was good in my head, less in my body”, she wrote.

Now she proudly displays her body, which she has long wanted to hide : “Today I am proud to show my outfits, my new look… I won’t let go. Next goal another 15 kg to lose. I share all this with you of course”she wrote.

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The confidences of the mother of the family

If the mother can be proud of her career, she was congratulated by her subscribers. Last June, still on Instagram, it was less good news that she announced to her subscribers. Her daughter Coleen was bullied at school, much to her mother’s despair.

Through a poignant testimony, Cindy Van Der Auwera confided in this difficult period: This year has been complicated, victim of mockery and especially of insults and betrayal on the networks, she moved away from all this to rebuild herself. This choice also allowed him to continue to have confidence in her. She’s back stronger than before“, she had written.

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