Mongrel Mr. Happy Face is the ugliest dog in the world

Congratulations: The Chinese Crested Mix «Mr. Happy Face” is the ugliest dog in the world.

Nathan Frandino / REUTERS

(dpa) No hair, just a white tuft on the head and a crooked tongue hanging out: The Chinese crested dog mix «Mr. Happy Face” has been voted the ugliest dog in the world. The fun competition in the American state of California took place again on Friday evening (local time) for the first time after a two-year Corona break. Arizona owner Jeneda Benally sat down with “Mr. Happy Face» against seven competitors and won 1500 dollars (about 1440 francs) in prize money.

The jury of the “World’s Ugliest Dog Contest” in the small town of Petaluma attached importance to everything that is considered unsightly: bulging eyes, crooked teeth, bowlegs, humped backs. The organizers want to use the competition to promote the taking in of abandoned animals. You want to remind “that all dogs are lovable”.

The competition attracts a great deal of attention in the United States each year, and the winning dogs and their owners often subsequently appear on national television shows.

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