Monkey pox: vaccination has started in five pharmacies in France

Maximilien Carlier

Vaccination against monkeypox is tested in pharmacies from this Wednesday. An experiment that will last 15 days. Two in Paris, one in Fréjus, one in Marseille and one in Lille are authorized to vaccinate. In the large Aprium pharmacy opposite Lille Flandres station, the first injections took place.

Experimentation with vaccination against monkey pox has begun in five pharmacies in France, in Paris, Fréjus, Marseille and Lille. It will last 15 days. And for this first morning, around thirty people were vaccinated against monkey pox in Lille. In the pharmacy, there is no waiting, everything is done by appointment thanks to the Doctolib platform. Stéphane is satisfied with the dispensary: ​​”It’s fast and practical. In addition, it’s close to my place of work”, he explains.

Get vaccinated in France rather than in Belgium

It’s much better than in a hospital where there are sometimes long queues. In pharmacies, it’s ideal, a bit like for covid”. Stéphane is vaccinated to avoid transmitting the disease to other people and because it scares him. A dose is injected every 10 minutes in a small room at the back of the dispensary. Nicolas, suitcase in one hand, hasn’t made an appointment but has come to try his luck in case there is a dose available.

“I take advantage of having a train connection in Lille to get vaccinated. I live in Belgium and there, the vaccination conditions are much more restrictive than in France. You must be diagnosed with two sexually transmitted infections, which which is not my case. So I absolutely do not fit into the boxes. Why is there no coordination at European level? “he wonders. In this pharmacy, there are a few Belgians who are vaccinated but “no selection”, assures the director of the pharmacy. “The virus has no borders,” he insists. “By protecting the Belgians, we protect the French and vice versa”.

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