Monster Hunter Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will cool your spirits with the next free update

Capcom continues to feed hunters still stationed on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak with new monsters and content via free updates. The players of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne are likely to have chills since among the announcements of this Digital Event, we note the return of Velkhana.

Sunbreak meets Iceborne

The Digital Event (which took place last night at 11:59 p.m.) brought us the fourth free update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. Something to give mouth water to recent players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles who will be able to take advantage of the Sunbreak extension this spring. Available on February 7, this content will be marked in particular by the arrival of two Elder Dragons: The Awakened Velkhana and Scarlet Valstrax.

Capcom obviously puts the Velkhana center stage with its grace and icy beauty. Former star of the Iceborne expansion, this fearsome monster can freeze you in place or even create huge pillars of ice to knock you out As for the awakened Scarlet Valstrax, it will be up to you to see what he is capable of because he has been considered too dangerous to be studied. The Velkhana can be fought from Master Rank 10 while the Valstrax will require a Master Rank of 160.

Hunters will also have access to new Anomaly Research with the Afflicted Chaos Gore Magala joining A8 Star Quests as well as new Event Quests that will be added weekly. Capcom also showed off new DLCs including the costumes representing the characters drawn by Minoto and serving as little graphical tutorials for wannabes. We are still entitled to a costume for the palamute like the Velkhana which is available for free for a limited time. All you have to do is go to the official game site and enter your Capcom ID.

The Japanese publisher also took the opportunity to update its roadmap by announcing that the next free update will be available next April including a new Elder Dragon. You can place your bets!

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