Monster Hunter Now Season 2 Debuts June 12 – Gamosaurus

Available on Android and iOS since last September,
Monster Hunter Now has since chained events. This time the title is preparing to begin its season 2 entitled
Crazy storms and bubbles. Scheduled for June 12, this new season will include three major content updates.

The first one, Intercept the Elder Dragon, will be available from the start of the season. It will mark the arrival of ancient dragons, monsters which have existed since ancient times and which possess new characteristics. Players will be able to discover the ancient dragon Kushala Daora.

Season 2 of Monster Hunter Now will also see the arrival of Khezu and Basarios. If the Elder Dragon will only appear as part of theElder Dragon Interceptionsthe other two monsters will appear on the hunting ground once players have unlocked the corresponding story quests from Season 2.

Hunters will also be able to experiment with a new type of weapon, the cannonlance, which combines the robustness of the spear and the explosiveness of firepower.

Finally, Niantic has decided to start the season by giving all players 250 additional slots with a free item box expansion, available as a supply in the store.

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