Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Fire Espinas Confirmed for Update #2 in Fiery Trailer, Over 4 Million Copies of DLC Sold!

The success of monster hunter rise is no longer to be proven with more than 10 million copies of the game distributed throughout the world at the last count at the beginning of July. And its extension is not left out, because if it was already at 2 million at the same time, Capcom has announcement at the start of the week that more than 4 million copies of DLCs have been sold, while the game itself has exceeded 11 million units sold. In short, everything is going well for this episode, which will still benefit from free additional content in the coming months.

Her Update #1 is still recent and has seen the arrival of Selenite Nargacugaof the Vulcan Bazelgeusefrom Silver Rathalos and some Golden Rathians, among other novelties. The next update of this kind is scheduled for the end of September and we discover this Thursday the first creature which will then invite itself into play, I’Spines of fire Where Flaming Espinas in English, which will share the poster with another main monster and others labeled as “rare” and “enhanced”.

The physical edition of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (with a code for the extension) is always on sale €59.99 on Amazon if you haven’t cracked yet.

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