Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, Return of the Jungle, New Creatures, Multiplayer Demo, and Free Post-Launch Content Schedule!

At the end of the month, players will be able to discover Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreakan extension of the Switch and PC game that will make us explore Elgado and fight the Three Lords, Lunagaron, Malzeno and Garangolmand take part in quests with NPCs called Paragons, among other novelties. Besides, the 14 videos presenting the new weapons can be found on the next page if you are interested. And as expected, the Capcom Showcase of this night was the occasion for the publisher to quickly talk about the game. So, what’s new?

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto didn’t come empty-handed, starting with an exciting trailer introducing a game zone that will please fans. Yes, the Jungle will make his return, an environment that changes over time and has its own fauna and flora, and ruins to explore. Several ferocious creatures also showed up, namely I’Espinas came from Monster Hunter Frontier, the Gore Magale of MH4 who is blind and is able to change shape while enraged, theHermitaur Daimyo and the Rakna Kadaki.

Another video was then released announcing a demo coming out this Wednesday, June 15 on Switch and Steamand precisely taking place in the Jungle and allowing confronting theAstalos and the Tetranadonbut also the Malzeno on advanced difficulty ! tutorials and Training Quests will also allow you to get your hands on the novelties of gameplay of the extension, and the whole thing will be playable in solo as well as in multiplayer without limits. Visuals are available on the third page.

Finally, it’s post-launch content which has been clarified, with in particular the Selenite Nargacuga and the Tower forbidden in play area added in August with the first update, the following ones being planned for the fall, this winter and then in 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released as a reminder on June 30, with a physical version including the base game, available pre-order at the Fnac for €59.99.

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