Moon Knight: Did SPOILERS really die in Episode 5?


In Episode 5 of “Moon Knight”, Marc and Steve travel through the Egyptian underworld, but one of them stays behind. The ultimate death of this popular character?

Moon Knight: Taweret guides Marc and Steven through the Egyptian underworld

Moon Knight: Taweret guides Marc and Steven through the Egyptian underworld (Source: Disney+/Screenshot: Netzwelt)

  • “Moon Knight” finally explains the mysterious psychiatry from Episode 4 in Episode 5.
  • Marc and Steven are dead, but Taweret wants to help them.
  • So we learn more about Marc and Steven, but in the end Steven dies – forever?

After the current 5th episode, “Moon Knight” has only one episode left to bring the story of the miniseries to a round end. The excitement continued in the latest installment of the Disney+ production, as we finally learned more about Marc and Steven’s past.

We also witnessed the moment Marc Steven devised and created an alternate identity for himself in order to protect himself from his abusive mother. Steven is thus a British variant of Marc with a healthy childhood.

However, in the Egyptian underworld where Marc and Steven were trapped after Harrow’s fatal shot, they were unable to get back to earth, or at least to the afterlife. It’s only when Steven has been pulled from the boat by the damned souls that Taweret’s scales are balanced and Marc ends up in the afterlife.

But is Steven officially dead and condemned to an eternity in the underworld? Unlikely! On the one hand because such depressing endings are rare in Marvel, but also because Steven is actually not a real person.

Steven is an identity created by Marc, so different rules apply to him. A loophole that will surely be used in “Moon Knight” to bring Steven back into the living realm and into Marc’s body in the finale.

We’ll know more on May 4th, when Episode 6 of “Moon Knight” will be released on Disney+. Three weeks later, “Obi-Wan Kenobi” awaits us, the next series highlight in the Disney+ novelty program, this time from the world of “Star Wars”.

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