Moon Knight: T-shirt designs show alter ego Mr. Knight


It won’t be long before Marvel’s darkest hero “Moon Knight” appears on Disney+. But not only Marc Spector suffers from a personality disorder, there are also two of the dark heroes.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight (Source: Disney+)

  • “Moon Knight” starts on March 30, 2022 on Disney+.
  • New T-shirt motifs show the dark hero wearing a suit.
  • Apparently Steven Grant, aka Marc Spector, isn’t the only one suffering from a personality disorder.

Only just under a month until Marvel’s dark hero honors in “Moon Knight” on streamer Disney+. You can already stock up on merchandise for the upcoming series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the T-shirt motifs also give you new insights into the series.

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Also the mysterious Mr. Knight, one of the characters from “Moon Knight”, gets attention. A new listing of official Moon Knight merchandise from supplier Red Wolf reveals one View of the formally dressed aspect of the hero.

Among other things, you see Egyptian inspired designthat both Moon Knight and Mr. Knight along with hieroglyphs displays. Like two sides of a coin. There are a few images that show you Mr. Knight in his three piece suit – armed and ready to conquer the night.

"Moon Knight" T-shirt motif

“Moon Knight” t-shirt motif (Source: © Disney+ / © 2022 Redwolf)

That’s what “Moon Knight” is about

“Star Wars” actor Oscar Issac embodied in “Moon Knight” Steven Grant, also known as Marc Spector. The two alter egos suffer from one dissociative identity disorder. That means he lives two lives: one as a mild-mannered gift shop clerk and one as a trained mercenary.

But it’s not just Grant’s everyday life that has multiple personalities. Also his heroic deeds when he as Moon Knight or Mr. Knight fights crime, could not be more different. While Moon Knight is known as the ‘Fist of Vengeance’, Mr. Night is more of a detective in his smart suit.

“Moon Knight” starts March 30th on Disney+. In order to pass the waiting time until then, take a look at the other innovations from the streaming provider. But Netflix and Amazon Prime Video also attract with many top-class originals.

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