Moon Knight: who is Anton Mogart, alias The Midnight Man, who will play Gaspard Ulliel in the Marvel series?

Gaspard Ulliel, who died on Wednesday at the age of 37 after a skiing accident, will be in the credits of “Moon Knight”, the new Marvel series expected on Disney + on March 30.

The actor gives the answer to Oscar Isaac in the guise of Anton Mogart, a wealthy man from New Jersey whose past remains mysterious before his meeting with Moon Knight. This antiquities thief – famous for committing his crimes at midnight sharp, hence his nickname Midnight Man – made his first appearance in the comic book Moon Knight #3 in 1981. He likes to steal for to be in possession of rare objects, and not for the money.

His first altercation with Moon Knight ends badly for him, as he falls into the Hudson River, drifts into a pool, and ends up with his face burned and deformed by chemicals spilled at the same time. He will remain hidden in the sewers for several days before returning home where he will have the unpleasant surprise to discover that the police have come to seize his belongings. He therefore swears to do everything to take revenge on the vigilante.

What are his powers?

Midnight Man, or the Midnight Man in French, has no superpowers. He is considered an expert in infiltration, a brave fighter, and is always equipped with a pistol and an oriental dagger. Her costume is a black jumpsuit that covers the entire body, with a loose cape.

Anton Mogart will also discover that he is the father of an illegitimate son, Jeff Wilde, to whom he will learn everything he knows. The boy would later become Moon Knight’s sidekick, and evolve under the name Midnight. There is no doubt that his first appearances on screen will be emotionally charged.

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