“More beautiful life”: France Télé promises other filming in Marseille to “compensate” for the end of the series

For the year 2023, this will represent an investment of “35.6 million euros”, or 13% of the channel’s budget devoted to French fiction.

France Télévisions plans to583 days of filming in the Marseille region” of several series in 2023 for “compensate for the impact of the shutdown“from the iconic soap opera”More beautiful life“, announced Friday its president, Delphine Ernotte. “This substantial investment, of 35.6 million euros for the year 2023, will represent 13% of our budget devoted to French fiction.“, assured Delphine Ernotte in this message published the day after the last day of filming of”More beautiful life“, the last two episodes of which will be broadcast on November 18 on France 3.

Beyond 2023, we will perpetuate this commitment“, promised the leader, according to which”France Télévisions will be at the rendezvous with the Marseille audiovisual sector“. “Alex Hugo, Simon Coleman, Marianne, La Peste or Bistromania are all series that will allow the Marseille audiovisual sector to continue to develop and make Marseille shine on all screens in France.“, believes Delphine Ernotte. For her, the 583 days of filming planned in Marseille next year allow France Télévisions to “exceed the commitment made of 500 additional shooting days in Marseille to compensate for the impact of the end of the series“.

The last take ofMore beautiful life” took place Thursday at the end of the afternoon in the historic studios of Belle-de-Mai, a working-class district of Marseille, after eighteen years of broadcasting and 4,665 episodes shot, which made “the longest daily French series in history“, according to France Televisions. It employed nearly 600 people each year After a timid start in 2004, “More beautiful life“, which told the daily life of the inhabitants of the fictional Marseille district of Mistral, became a phenomenon by seizing societal themes hitherto rarely addressed in tricolor fiction (gay marriage, GPA, transidentity, etc.).

““More beautiful life marked the history of French television“Wrote Delphine Ernotte, pointing out that the soap opera”has accompanied the daily lives of millions of French people», «dared to approach our lives without taboos and made the evolutions of our society resonate“. After reaching a peak of some seven million viewers in the 2000s, audiences had fallen to 2.7 million viewers in 2021-2022.

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