More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Friday August 12, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… While a tragedy occurs on the farm under Eric’s eyes, Mirta and Father Luc try to resist temptation. At the same time, Emma makes a promise to Mathis.

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the episode of Plus belle la vie broadcast tomorrow evening on France 3. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read the following!

Friday August 12 in More beautiful life…

Simon victim of a terrible revenge?

While they are still in bed, Eric apologizes to Simon for bringing a gun to their house without his knowledge. Simon ends up forgiving his companion because he knows that Eric acted like this out of love, because he was worried about him. The couple make up on the pillow when Marc bursts into the room without warning and becomes encrusted in their bed to share some news with Simon: he has received a text from his companion, Alex, and he does not know. whether he should answer her or not. Eric struggles to hide his annoyance.

Later, Mallard, Simon’s neighbor, arrives at the farm armed with a gun and gets angry with Eric because his side of the canal is blocked. Exasperated by his behavior, Eric is unimpressed and reminds Mallard that in the event of a heat wave they must share and ration water. But Mallard doesn’t care about the cop’s opinion. He points his gun at Eric, believing that Simon’s animals have enough water. Eric then goes to get the gun he bought on the black market and orders Mallard to leave. The latter complies, but only after swearing that things were not going to end there.

At the same time, Marc makes a statement to his ex. Simon then reminds him that he is now in a relationship with Éric and assures that nothing will ever happen between them again. Marc insists, but Simon pushes him away before asking him to leave the farm for good. Marc reacts badly, he doesn’t understand how Simon can treat him like this after what they’ve been through together. And before leaving, he swears to Simon that everything will be paid for one day.

At the Mistral, Patrick and Emilie are having lunch on the Marci terrace when Olivier Jourdan comes to interrupt their family time. Emilie, who has lost her appetite, prefers to leave while Patrick reminds Jourdan that he knows the arsonist is among his sect. But Jourdan continues to be threatening and ensures that the fires will continue.

After leaving to make sure Mallard hasn’t blocked the canal, Eric returns to the farm and discovers that a fire has broken out. As he rushes towards the house, he sees Simon collapsing on the ground.

Will Father Luc and Mirta resist the temptation?

At the hotel, Mirta recalls the events of the previous day. After her statement, Father Luc caught up with her in the street and begged her to forgive him and forget what had just happened. But to the great surprise of the priest, Mirta confessed to him to share his feelings. Before adding that they should not see each other again and that she was unable to assume such a sin.

After discussing the situation with Yolande, who thinks it’s all a mess, Mirta receives a visit from Nelson who tells her that Father Luc is only a shadow and that he has been depressed since she decided she didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Nelson then pushes Mirta to act for the good of the parishioners who need Father Luc.

During his service, Father Luc apologizes for having sinned and adds while looking at Mirta that God gives wonderful things to see every day.

Once the service is over, Mirta apologizes to the priest for his behavior the day before and his somewhat brutal reaction. But Father Luc finally agrees with Mirta: it would be better if they never saw each other again. Mirta says she is relieved and is about to return her rosary to the priest when the latter touches her hand and begs her to keep this gift in memory of him. But the attraction between them is too strong and Father Luc can no longer resist. He then kisses Mirta.

Emma makes a promise to Mathis

Baptiste and Justine always spin the perfect love. The young man assures his new companion that he no longer loves Emma. But he finds it difficult to live with the situation compared to Mathis, whom he sees much less.

Kevin, for his part, comes to hear from Emma. The latter confides to her that, despite everything she has gone through, between the death of her mother, the death of César, and Camille’s multiple betrayals, she has the feeling of having obtained the answers she was looking for and that it’s time for her to move on.

And when Kevin asks her where she’s at with Baptiste, Emma admits things have stalled with her son’s father and she can only blame herself. Still, she seems optimistic about the future.

At the end of the day, Thomas brings Mathis back from the summer camp and tells Emma that he was not in good shape today. Once Thomas has left, Emma questions Mathis who tells her that she misses her father. Emma confesses to her son that she also misses Baptiste and that she still loves him very much. The young woman then makes a promise to her son: she will do everything to bring Baptiste back home.

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