More beautiful life in advance: summary of the episode of Monday, June 27, 2022 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Plus belle la vie”… Dimitri appears in a new light thanks to the influence of Sunalee. As for Léa and Babeth, the verdict of the disease falls on them.


Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of More beautiful life broadcast tomorrow night on France 3!

Abdel falls into Vincent’s trap

Caught in the act by Elisa, Abdel tries to justify himself. But the young woman doesn’t want to hear anything and kicks him out. As he leaves, Abdel meets Vincent, who wants to introduce him to a potential client. But Elisa intervenes, declaring that their story is over.

Last weekend, Abdel still feels guilty for having acted behind Elisa’s back. He assumes that she is not ready to find out the truth about her father. However, he and Barbara remain convinced that he is suspicious. At the same time, Abdel receives a call from Vincent Marceau, who gives him an appointment. The latter explains that he wishes to continue their professional relationship. He is then interrupted by a phone call. He makes an appointment with his interlocutor at 10 p.m. and writes an address on a piece of paper, before slipping away. Abdel takes advantage of his absence to decipher the address, without knowing that it is a trap set by Vincent…

Warned by Abdel, Tim and Barbara go to the meeting place. This is a car park. They install cameras there to film anything suspicious. But at midnight, the parking lot is still empty. Tim and Barbara realize they’ve been duped. Ready to leave, they are suddenly blinded by the headlights of a car…

Dimitri saves the prom

While Sunalee is depressed because of the cancellation of the prom, Dimitri cheers her up by having the solution: indeed, her father has agreed to lend their castle for the evening. Sunalee and Dimitri then announce the good news to Lola. Shortly after, Delphine visits the place to arrange her ideas concerning the decoration, in particular the gallery of time. However, she is worried that the photos of Coralie will bring back bad memories for Théo.

Meanwhile, Noah returns to Betty’s to bring her some groceries. He also thought of bringing him canelés, his favorite treat. He promises to come back the next day to watch Bambi with her as Betty confesses that she has never seen him. Noé then joins his comrades at the Mistral bar, where Dimitri is considered the savior of the prom.

At the same time, Dimitri receives a new challenge from the crow. He shares it with Sunalee: this time, they are asked to go to the first floor of a building and jump into the void. If Sunalee is willing to do this, Dimitri begins to get annoyed by the crow’s challenges, which he suspects is leading them on.

Babeth and Léa have tuberculosis

Jean-Paul arrives with Aurore at Patrick’s so that Manon helps them look after the children. They are awaiting the results of their respective partner’s tests for tuberculosis.

Meanwhile, Gabriel announces to Léa that she and her mother are positive. They will be able to share their room during their isolation. Babeth therefore joins her a little later. Gabriel returns to see them to warn them that they risk being contagious for several weeks.

Jean-Paul and Patrick visit them behind glass. In front of them, they are reassuring. But back home, they realize they feel completely overwhelmed.

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