More beautiful life in advance: what awaits you in episode 75 of Friday April 19, 2024 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “More beautiful life, even more beautiful”… Sibylle learns the truth about the death of her daughter. At the same time, Jennifer tries to protect her sad secret, while Kilian and Aya formalize their relationship.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers for the episode of Plus belle la vie, even plus belle broadcast Friday afternoon on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read what follows!

Friday April 19 in More beautiful life, even more beautiful…

Is Jennifer homeless?

At the Mistral medical office, Gabriel found a bra in his office. He asks Jennifer and Léa if this lingerie belongs to them, but the two women reply that it is not hers.

However, Jennifer has her own idea: last night, Patrick came to visit Babeth. Would they have enjoyed this romantic evening? Léa is uncomfortable.

Later that day, Babeth informs Gabriel Riva that she worked overtime yesterday to finish the work he gave her. The doctor extends a pole to her, asking her if she had a good time. Babeth doesn’t understand where he’s going with this.

At the end of the day, Léa asks Jennifer what time she leaves the office. The latter replies that she will finish late, because, being single, no one is waiting for her at home.

Once all alone, Jennifer goes to Riva’s office to… spend the night. In reality, the bra found in the office belonged to her. Is Jennifer homeless?

José Pasquier confesses

At the Mistral police station, José denies having passed himself off as Louise Raveneau’s father. Patrick and Samuel show him his admission to the hospital, the day Louise died. The police put pressure on him by telling him that his daughter, Alexandra, also risks going to prison.

Finally, José Pasquier confesses. He reveals to Patrick and Samuel that he did indeed order Yannick to kill Doctor Hervé Lussan: “I was afraid that he would describe me and that people would end up recognizing me.”

A few seconds later, Samuel informs Meiline that José and Yannick have confessed. The commissioner immediately warns Alexandra Pasquier. The latter asks to see her father before they are separated, but Meiline replies that only she can judge her.

For his part, Jean-Paul summons Léa to the police headquarters. He informs her that Sibylle Raveneau risks twenty years of criminal imprisonment. He asks her to go and tell Sibylle the circumstances of her daughter’s death.

Léa explains to the grieving mother the whole affair surrounding drug trafficking and how Louise tragically lost her life. She also explains to him that Mattéo, the STAPS student, helped the police to complete this investigation, because he loved Louise.

Later in the day, Patrick and Jean-Paul congratulate Samuel on the success of his mission in the gym. Curious, the two police officers ask him if he has discovered anything juicy about Meiline.

Samuel informs his colleagues that someone explained to him that Meiline had suddenly stopped fighting because her last opponent had died on the tatami. However, Samuel did not dare to tell him about it. This revelation surprises Patrick and Jean-Paul.

Once the day is over, Morgane, Samuel, Patrick and Jean-Paul decide to go celebrate the end of this investigation in a bar. Suddenly, the commissioner asks them if she can join them. Everyone is surprised, but delighted.

The return of a historical figure

The day after the unusual getaway to the heights of Marseille, questions run through Aya’s head. She asks Kilian where they are in their relationship. The latter replies that his heart beats every time he sees her. She is about to kiss him, when suddenly Thomas arrives to tell them that the lunch service is full.

A few minutes later, Thomas and Barbara discuss the budding relationship between Aya and Kilian. They are convinced that the two lovebirds are going to kiss any minute. Aya bets that the kiss will happen by the end of the day, while Thomas is more optimistic and says: “in an hour”. The bets have been made.

At the end of the service, Kilian cleans the restaurant terrace. Aya comes to help him. As he pats the cushions, a little dust lands in his eye. The young woman blows on him to remove the dust, then kisses him.

Thomas is delighted to have won his bet. Kilian, who is not far away, discovers that his brother and Barbara have bet on his relationship with Aya, but he is amused.

Suddenly, a woman bursts into Le Mistral. This is Betty, Kilian’s ex-wife. She tells him in a confident tone: “I received your message, I will never divorce”. Will she try to win Kilian back? Answer in the next episodes of the TF1 daily.

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