More investment in the future: Business insists on support for green restructuring

More investment in the future
Business insists on support for green restructuring

The list is long: More than 50 companies want to convert their infrastructure to comply with European and German climate goals. But this requires both investment and no clear political roadmap. The Greens stand by the companies – and want to apply the debt brake.

More than 50 companies are demanding that politicians provide a clear political framework for the climate-friendly restructuring of the economy. “Other countries such as China and the USA are investing huge sums in the transformation. Here, however, there is uncertainty and skepticism,” says one appeal well-known companies. “What we now need is an overarching solidarity between the democratic parties and a political framework that will last over several legislative periods.”

The signatories are committed to climate protection and the opportunities offered by Germany as a location, but warn: “Neither the government nor the opposition is currently managing to convey this opportunity for competitiveness, resilience, good jobs and prosperity.” In order to develop more concrete steps, the companies are calling for a “transformation commission” with members from science, business, politics and civil society. Green electricity and hydrogen would also have to be available at competitive prices, and the necessary public money would have to be made available for the switch.

Companies must not be left alone

The change must be made socially acceptable. “The events and crises of the last few years have magnified many failures in German economic, energy and environmental policy as if through a magnifying glass,” says the call. This has great social explosive power. “The new right is taking advantage of this and threatening not only our democracy but also our economic performance.”

The signatories of the appeal include Ikea, Telekom, ThyssenKrupp, the operating company of Frankfurt Airport Fraport, the chocolate manufacturer Ritter Sport and the drugstore chains Rossmann and DM Climate Economy Foundationan initiative of CEOs, managing directors and family entrepreneurs that advocates compliance with European and German climate goals.

Greens call for “massive investments”

The leader of the Green Party in the Bundestag, Katharina Dröge, said that in order to secure the future of Germany as a business location, massive investments in innovation, climate protection and modern infrastructure are necessary. “We need long-term, predictable and reliable framework conditions for the economy. And a modernization of the debt brake to enable future investments.” The government and opposition could only make the necessary decisions together.

The debt brake anchored in the Basic Law only provides for a very limited net borrowing. For a fundamental reform, as SPD politicians are also calling for, a two-thirds majority in the Bundestag and Bundesrat would be necessary. In order to achieve this, the opposition would also have to take part.

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