More meetings will follow – focus action: GTIs almost as loud as airplanes

Last weekend, GTI drivers in Carinthia kept the police busy again. At this unofficial meeting, however, the officials took rigorous action: The license plates were removed from 29 tuned cars. The police officers are prepared for the coming weekend.

Not only Carinthians went to the police at the weekend, East Tyroleans, Styrians, Salzburgers and Upper Austrians were also stopped. Because on the national holiday, the officials hunted down illegally converted vehicles with noise measuring devices around Velden and in the Seental. Unauthorized modifications and manipulations to the exhaust systems often cause unspeakable noise.

The drivers concerned were not allowed to continue their journeys, they had to hand in license plates and registration certificates. And they are displayed.

By the way, up to 30,000 GTI fans are expected in Carinthia for the coming weekends! The police are already equipped for this.