more than 300,000 tonnes of corn, soy and sunflower oil exported in ten cargo ships

Between 1er and on August 9, Ukraine brought ten cargo ships out of its Black Sea ports, seven of which were carrying corn – the others were loaded with flour, soy or sunflower oil. The resumption was hailed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky: “Our Black Sea ports operatehe said before adding that the main risk, security, nevertheless remains. The danger of Russian provocation and terrorist acts remains. Everyone should be aware of this. »

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The seven cargo ships loaded with corn carry a total of 242,985 tons, which corresponds to almost 13% of the quantity exported per month on average in 2021, which amounted to 1.9 million tons of corn, according to the World Economic Forum. If this rate is maintained throughout August, Ukrainian maize exports should reach 59% of their pre-war level at the end of the month.

Regarding sunflower oil, a single cargo, the Mustafa Necati, left Ukraine with a load of 6,000 tons on August 7, bound for Italy. This represents 1.45% of monthly sunflower oil exports in 2021 (412,500 tonnes per month on average, still according to the World Economic Forum).

The deputy head of the Odessa port, Dmytro Barinov, told the World that more than 1.3 million tonnes of agricultural commodities were stored in silos and ship holds in the port.

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