Morning-after pill: women talk about their experiences

After a breakdown in contraception, the morning-after pill is often a lifeline for women in an emergency – but how does it feel to take it? Women tell.

It is in the morning. You wake up. Next to you is your stage of life or just last night companion. You look at the broken condom in the trash can. Or on the pack of pills on your bedside table, in which yesterday's day is still filled. At the latest when your cycle app shows green (which usually means fertile and in this case red for you), you will get nervous. And suddenly the contraception failure from last night seems much more serious than in the dark – at least if you don't feel like having children.

Many women have already experienced such a situation. Because even if we know that contraception is important, we use a condom solely for STI reasons and are actually very sensible, sometimes unexpected things happen in the zeal of eroticism.

Whether it is porous latex or sheer oblivion is behind the contraception failure does not matter at first. What matters is what you do with it. And if you don't want to become pregnant, the morning-after pill is a lifeline for many women in the I'm-absolutely-not-ready-to-be-mom-to-be-whirlpool.

The fact that the morning-after pill has been available without a prescription in Germany since 2015 makes it theoretically easy to obtain. But what about in reality? On "Reddit" and "Whisper" women shared their experiences with the morning-after pill. And it wasn't about common physical side effects – it was about what is less often talked about: How they felt when they picked them up – and how they were dealt with. So much can be revealed, the quotes are partly funny, partly terrifying. Because they show that we are still a long way from pure acceptance of what women do with their bodies.

Women about their experiences with the morning-after pill

Anyone who asks stupid questions will get appropriate answers

"Pharmacist: 'Why do you think you need the morning-after pill?' Me: 'Because there is an egg hunt going on that shouldn't take place.' "

You go girl!

"I got the morning-after pill earlier. Salesperson: 'Does your mother know that you are sexually active?' Me: 'Does your boss know that you ask customers personal things that are none of your business?' "

Why is going to the pharmacy still so uncomfortable?

"I put on the wrong engagement ring when I buy a pregnancy test or the morning-after pill. Then they are nicer to me."

"I just got the morning-after pill – with a throat full of hickey – and paid for it with one-euro coins. I've rarely felt so ashamed."

"The pharmacist once asked me if my husband knew about it. I was 19 and just had a one-night stand!"

We really want to hear that

"The doctor just checked my records and actually complimented me because I had been so good in prevention so far. So he just said: 'Shit happens. It happens to normal, responsible people like you, I don't have to teach you.' "

You can also simply bring the moment forward

"My experience: If the morning-after pill is available in your country without a prescription, I recommend an emergency dose for your medicine cabinet. This way you avoid the nightmare of having to get it at the moment of an emergency!"

And what does the body say about the morning-after pill?

"Like most of them, I felt nauseous – that's why it's best to take them with food, then you can tolerate them better!"

"I didn't have any problems with nausea, but it fucked up my hormones. The emotional spiral was out of this world: within a second I was extremely happy and depressed at the same time."

"The only side effect was that I didn't get pregnant."

And don't forget: everything can just go well …

"It was $ 60 and my boyfriend paid it. We took it and paid it. No strange looks or comments. I felt good after that, maybe a bit of a headache. Not pregnant, 10/10 I would say!"

"I took her with a nice big meal and didn't get pregnant. The morning-after pill gives me an incredible amount of security and self-confidence for the moment when mishaps happen. I've never had a bad reaction on the medical side."

"I just felt liberated and grateful that I could make this decision for myself."

Warning: The morning-after pill is still a drug that should not be underestimated as it interferes with your hormonal balance. So it should not be taken carelessly or carelessly. If the worst comes to the worst, seek advice from a pharmacy and be honest about your health to get a safe recommendation. Experience shows that bodies are different. But no woman is alone. Even if the journey to the pharmacy feels lonely – remember that many have mastered it before you!