Morning, noon or evening? There is no time for sex


Is there a sex clock? The answer is obvious: just as we do not always have the same level of energy or concentration, just as we eat or sleep at certain times, our sexual activity depends on the time of day, on the day of the week, seasonal variations and of course, the age of the captain.

If there is chrononutrition, should we invent a chronoeroticism? This would be a lead, provided that this project is not confused with chronosexuality (are chronosexual people whose attractions change according to the time or the situation) or with chronophilia (are chronophiles people attracted by a specific age group. ).

On the side of pure and hard sexual activity, things are clear: our somersaults are essentially nocturnal. By combining the various studies carried out on the question, we obtain a time slot going from 9 pm to 1 am, supplemented by a small morning “rebound” around 8 am.

Same results for solitary pleasures: 68% of masturbations take place in the evening, 16% in the morning, 16% in the afternoon, according to the 2017 Tenga survey. Unsurprisingly, it is also in the evening that we watch the most porn films (Pornhub Insights, 2019).

Should we deduce from this that we are all, sexually, creatures of the night? Let’s not go too fast. Because according to the people surveyed, the time devoted to sexuality corresponds less to a dazzling erotic drive than to material elements (concretely, do we have access to the partner and to a cozy bed, not to mention a decently loaded sextoy? ). We make love when we can, not necessarily when we want.

Enjoy a moment of absolute selfishness

Same logic in the field of seduction: if night owls bring back more sexual partners than morning people, it is not only for reasons of energy or individual availability, it is also because culturally, it is t is the evening that we are brought to meet. In short: we have no choice … And if this choice were given back to us (as during the holidays), it’s a safe bet that the time slot reserved for sex would change completely.

Because let’s face it: practicing somersaults at the end of the day is self-sabotage. For men, it’s very simple, we are hormonally at the bottom of the abyss (if you are looking for your testosterone around 8 p.m., I inform you that she is having a drink at the local bar and that she will only come back for the night). In women, we traditionally come out of the tunnel of the double day: any libidinal smell that has survived the dishes and diapers will be swept away by resentment (I take this opportunity to remind that task-sharing is correlated with greater sexual satisfaction. ).

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