Mortal Kombat 1 exhibits at Summer Game Fest

Taking place in a new universe placed under the supervision of Liu Kang, whom you will henceforth be asked to call “his majesty the god of fire, protector of all things in this world”, this Mortal Kombat 1 does not however look in the retro when it comes to the gameplay and intends on the contrary to bring new things. We think in particular of the system of Kombatants Kaméo, non-playable characters paying homage to the 30 years of history of the saga (we find in particular Kano and Sonia in their outfit of 1992) who will come to lend a hand to the players during the clashes. These appearances will make it possible to carry out Devastating Fatal Blows, brutal Fatalities and defensive Breakers for those who want to familiarize themselves with the barbaric lexicon specific to fighting games.

New bases, same sensations

On the side of the story mode, we therefore make a clean sweep of the past thanks to a new era created by a Liu Kang eager to maintain peace. But the first clouds quickly darken the picture as Mileena, twin sister of Kitana and legitimate heiress to the throne of Outworld, is infected with a terrible disease. Now brothers, warriors Scorpion and Sub-Zero fight together for the future of their clan, while Earthrealm champions Raiden and Kung Lao fight for family and honor. Taken to task in his luxury domain, Johnny Cage remains Johnny Cage and fights above all for himself. Also joining the roster of main characters, Kenshi Takahashi seeks to recover the Sento katana and restore his family’s name.

The original track in the background is called “Fatal (Mortal Kombat 1)” and was produced by ZHU, a “Grammy-nominated” artist, underlines WB Games. Mortal Kombat 1 will be released on September 19 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Switch and PC (Steam and Epic Games Store). Fans have two excuses to pre-order the game: to receive Shang Tsung as a playable character and to access the beta which will take place in August on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.

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