Mortal Kombat 2: F**k yeah! “The Boys” star Karl Urban will become Johnny Cage in the video game adaptation


“The Boys” star Karl Urban has secured the next iconic role after Billy Butcher. As Johnny Cage we will be able to experience Urban in the video game adaptation “Mortal Kombat 2”.


The Boys (Source: Amazon Studios)

  • “The Boys” season 4 is finished, now leading actor Karl Urban could land his next project.
  • In “Mortal Kombat 2” we will see him as professional fighter Johnny Cage.
  • Cage is a fan favorite, as is Urban’s “The Boys” character Billy Butcher. So Urban has a lucky hand when it comes to choosing roles.

The film “Mortal Kombat” became a great success in 2021 – probably also because new films were in short supply during the corona pandemic and Warner Bros. offered the brutal video game adaptation in the stream early on due to the closed cinemas.

But as entertaining as “Mortal Kombat” was, two key elements were missing: the eponymous fighting tournament and fan-favorite Johnny Cage. In the end, the film already hinted at a sequel and Cage was also mentioned, but not shown.

Now, however, we finally know who will be wearing Johnny Cage’s sunglasses in Mortal Kombat 2: Karl Urban, who just posed for Season 4 of The Boys. According to The Wrap, filming will start in June 2023, with a theatrical release expected in mid-2024.

If Urban shaves off his beard for the role, he will certainly have to grow it back quickly after “Mortal Kombat 2”. “The Boys” season 5 is already almost certain and Billy Butcher without a beard – that’s just unthinkable!

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