Moscow attacked by drones, Russia accuses Ukraine of “terrorist attack”

The Russian capital was targeted Tuesday at dawn by a rare drone attack which caused “minor” damage to buildings without causing any casualties, said Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. “This morning, at dawn, a drone attack caused minor damage to several buildings. All the city’s emergency services are on site (…) No one has been seriously injured so far “, Sergei Sobyanin wrote on Telegram.

Moscow and its region, located more than 1,000 km from Ukraine, have so far only very rarely been targeted by drone attacks since the start of the conflict, even if this type of attack has multiplied. elsewhere in Russia. Images posted on social networks showed traces of smoke in the sky. On others, you can see a window of a broken building.

A first attack attempt in early May

This attack follows that of kyiv in Ukraine by Russian drones during the night, which left at least one dead, according to the mayor of the city Vitali Klitschko. Monday, Russian strikes in the middle of the day had caused panic in the Ukrainian capital, attacked on multiple occasions since the beginning of May.

In early May, two drones were shot down over the Kremlin, the seat of Russian power, in an attack blamed on Ukraine.

Russia accuses kyiv of ‘terrorist attack’

After this attack, Russia accused Ukraine on Tuesday of having committed a “terrorist” act, claiming to have neutralized all of the eight devices used. “This morning, the Kiev regime carried out a terrorist attack with drones against sites in Moscow,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. “Eight drones were involved in the attack,” he said, assuring that they had all been neutralized.

A response from kyiv to the recent Russian strikes?

Is this a response from kyiv to the recent strikes in Ukraine? According to Jean-Paul Paloméros, General of the Air Force, it is not impossible. “Technically, they have shown their capacity for innovation. We know that they have old Russian drones that they were able to improve. If it is Ukraine, there is still a chance that it is the case , they are trying to reverse the pressure [et de dire] ‘Enough now, you are attacking Kiev every day, we too are capable of hitting Moscow’.”

“From the moment when Russia decided to attack the capital on a regular basis with an extremely large number of missile or drone attacks, we felt a kind of exasperation rising in President Zelensky and the will to to show that he is not going to let himself be done like that. So it would be a psychological response in a way, to show the Russians, and in particular the Muscovite inhabitants of their country at war,” he told the newspaper. microphone from Europe 1.

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