Moss and its sequel Moss: Book 2 will come to PlayStation VR2 in 2023

It is probably one of the best virtual reality games. Released in 2018, Moss was able to bring a poignant adventure to VR headsets, where we follow the story of Quill, a young mouse, who must save his uncle from the clutches of enemies. A successful epic, whose ideas were developed with more ambition in a sequel, Moss: Book II, released at the beginning of 2022. Today, a new platform is added, the PlayStation VR2.

Quill, more beautiful than ever?

First released on PlayStation VR, both Moss games were later ported to other headsets. The second episode was also recently released on Steam after the Meta Quest 2 this summer. Now studio Polyarc confirms that they are currently working on an upgraded version for the PlayStation VR2, both for the first Moss and its sequel.

The developers are taking advantage of this new platform to make some optimizations, with improved haptics, allowing attacks and effects to be better felt as well as compatibility with adaptive triggers and new controllers. Immersion will also be better with eye tracking processing and foveal rendering and an increased field of vision, not to mention the few visual improvements.

Doug Burton, designer at Polyarc, said: Since we learned about the existence of the PS VR2 hardware and got our hands on it earlier this year, we’ve been experimenting with its new technological features and perfecting ways to increase players’ immersion in the world of Moss. At the same time, the team was able to bring even more visual detail to each character and environment with lighting and texture enhancements that make the already stunning environments on PS VR2 platforms even more apparent. Now millions of new and existing fans will be able to experience the enhanced versions of Moss and Moss: Book II on the latest VR hardware available on the market. »

We’re told both games will be available when the headset launches, so February 22, 2023. To encourage players to pre-order, a 10% discount is applied to the initial price. A bundle with both titles is also available, and listed at €34.99.

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