Mother discovers Facebook account where users make fun of 'ugly' and disabled babies

The mother of two denounced a Facebook group where users openly made fun of “ugly” and disabled babies.

Behaviors that are worrying to say the least. This 20-year-old mother is followed by 17,000 people on her Instagram account where she talks about her daily life, her passions, her hair changes and her children Elisabeth, 2 years old and Emile, 9 months old. Quickly, she was alerted by Internet users who discovered a Facebook group where users made fun of children they deemed "ugly". Among the victims, we even find Gina's children as well as those of her friends.

A private group that brings together nearly 2,000 people

To adhere to this digest of wickedness, you have to answer a question that is at the very least surprising: “an ugly baby is above all” and the answers are “a face of m ****”, “a normal baby but with food or snot on the face ”or“ a baby who seems disabled ”.

She then decides to alert her community by sharing the account entitled “Neurchi of ugly babies”, she even invites her subscribers to relay her message. "Well, I am sending you this message as a preventive measure and especially because it is important to relay it, especially at this time", she says. She then explains the aim of this group which serves to "mocking and insulting babies on the net." Worse yet, children with disabilities are also targeted by such teasing. "Between the one who took a picture of the little one she unwittingly kept for posting on this group and the one who shared a photo of her disabled cousin."

The young woman has deposited a handrail. She also made the decision to protect her children from social media. As a reminder, cyber-harassment is a crime punishable by fines and / or prison.


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