Mother’s Day 2022: 3 salon facial treatments to offer

Next Sunday, May 29, mothers will be particularly honored. And what could be better than a facial treatment in an institute to please the one who deserves it the most? Here are 3 three beauty parentheses that will allow her to be pampered and take care of her skin.

A hydrafacial treatment at Skincare Agency

©Skincare Agency

If there is an effective treatment to find clear and radiant skin, it is the hydrafacial, from Skincare Agency, founded by Vanessa Marropodi. But in this elegant institute in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, there is no question of performing the same treatment for all clients, because each of them has specific needs. Before starting the protocol, we are thus invited to carry out an accurate diagnosis of the epidermis using Visia 7, a tool capable of drawing up a skin assessment in a few seconds.

Wrinkles, stains, bacteria, pimples, blackheads… Nothing escapes her. Then, head to the treatment room, where the patented hydrafacial Elite machine is located, and with which the practitioner, meticulous, gentle and attentive, will carry out, for 45 minutes, a treatment in three successive stages. Using this painless and non-invasive machine, she will first cleanse the skin deeply to eliminate dead cells. Then comes the step of peeling with glycolic and salicylic acid to release impurities. Note, however, that it is light and only causes slight tingling of the skin.

Finally, the skin is hydrated via the infusion of powerful active ingredients (peptides, antioxidants and other anti-wrinkle or stain boosters as needed). After which we continued with a 10-minute LED session, goggles on the eyes, in order to soothe the skin. But unlike other treatments, only very slight redness is observed, which moreover disappears quickly. The ideal is to perform this treatment at the end of the day, so as not to have to re-apply makeup. And in the evening, there is no need to carry out your routine. The result is immediate, and the effects visible in the long term. The skin is smooth, silky, and plumped.

Hydrafacial treatment, Skincare Agency, 17 rue de la Trémoille (Paris 8th), €180




A stunning result. In terms of facial beauty, there’s nothing like an energizing Korean ritual at the SeeMy Cosmetics institute located in a Haussmannian apartment, not far from Avenue Montaigne. Developed by Elodie Raheria, this moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment, suitable for all skin types, is an enchanting break that instantly restores the skin’s radiance. All this in a cozy and refined atmosphere. After cleaning and exfoliating the epidermis with products impregnated with 24-carat gold, the practitioner Manel takes hold of a small revolutionary misting device.

Called Airbrush Ruby-Cell, it sprays powerful active ingredients that will immediately reduce imperfections, smooth and reshape the face. Each ampoule is notably composed of hyaluronic acid, adenosine, an anti-aging ingredient, ceramides, lipids helping to keep the skin hydrated, as well as plant stem cells. These prolong the life of the cells and have a regenerating effect. In addition, this treatment is punctuated with massages (shoulders, neck, skull, etc.). With her nimble fingers, the expert plunges us into a state of total calm.

Korean lift, See My Cosmetics, 9 Rue de la Tremoille, Paris 8th, 1 hour/250 euros.




To get a makeover, head to the Guinot Madeleine Institute (Paris 9th). We have discovered its new “purity balance” cabin treatment and it is a real response to the needs of skin damaged by pollution or stress and which is therefore unbalanced. This manual protocol, which lasts nearly 40 minutes, is carried out in four steps. After removing make-up and cleansing our face, the beautician gently applies a thermal exfoliant using zeolite crystals and papaya extract in circular motions. This will gently remove impurities and dead cells.

Then comes the stage of the purity mask, which combines white and green clay, and purifies the skin by absorbing excess sebum. During the application of the mask, we are then immersed in a state of relaxation as the expert hands of Amaryllis relaxed us during the first part of the treatment. While the pores are well dilated, make way for the extraction of comedones then the application of a cream serum to rebalance the quantity of sebum and tighten the dilated pores. At the end of the session, there is already a very clear improvement in skin texture and radiance. Note that more than 1,500 Guinot institutes are scattered throughout France.

“Purity balance” treatment, Institut Guinot Paris Madeleine, 12, rue de Sèze, Paris 9th, 40 minutes/65 euros

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