Motion planned in the Bundestag: Union wants to extend epidemic situation

Application planned in the Bundestag
Union wants to prolong epidemic situation

The traffic light parties want the federal government’s special powers in the corona policy to expire on November 25th. The Union parliamentary group defends itself against this: An application should be given to the future government its leeway. The maneuver is aimed primarily against the FDP.

Unlike the traffic light parties, the Union wants to hold on to the epidemic situation of national scope: With reference to the dramatic development of the fourth corona wave, the Union faction in the Bundestag is preparing a corresponding application, according to a report by the “Rheinische Post”. The newspaper reported that it should be registered for consultation and voting in the Bundestag next Thursday. According to the will of the parliamentary group, the Bundestag should determine the epidemic situation beyond November 25th. According to the Infection Protection Act, this determination would apply for a maximum of three more months, i.e. until February 25, 2022.

The Union parliamentary group sees the conditions for the epidemic situation as given, the newspaper quotes from the application. “After a decline in Covid 19 cases was recorded in spring and summer 2021 due to the cautious behavior of citizens and the consistent action of the Federal Government, Bundestag and federal states, the numbers are now increasing again dramatically in all federal states. The increase includes all indicators: the new infections, the R-value, the rate of positive PCR tests, the seven-day incidence, the hospitalizations and the necessary treatments in the intensive care units, 51 percent of which have to be ventilated, “it says Justification in the paper.

“Traffic light parties are levering out instruments”

The Union parties also argue with the number of deaths, which has risen again in connection with the corona virus in recent weeks. An impending overload of the health system could “still not be ruled out,” it said. “There is a risk that, in the event of such an overload, the care close to home for other intensive cases is no longer guaranteed and further significant health risks arise, for example through the postponement of elective interventions,” writes the Union parliamentary group in the application.

The vice chairman of the parliamentary group Thorsten Frei told the “Rheinische Post” that a “sustainable, legal instrument” was necessary, especially for the federal states. “The traffic light parties are now canceling this out without providing adequate replacement,” said the CDU politician. “In this dramatic situation you have to act. The situation has never justified the continuation of the epidemic situation as much as it does now.”

Allegations to the FDP

According to the proposal by the SPD, Greens and FDP, the states could not adopt any further measures beyond the basic corona rules (obligation to wear mouth and nose protection, distance rules and hygiene measures), Frei said. He mentioned school closings or restrictions in public institutions. The Union Group now wants to create these opportunities again.

Frei called the change to the Infection Protection Act planned by the SPD, Greens and FDP as “FDP-driven”: “A symbolic debate is being held here”. Regarding the chances of success of the motion in the Bundestag, he said: “We are an opposition faction and do not have a majority in parliament. But we are making the right motion and using the strength of the arguments to advertise.”

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