Motorist dies in accident in Mollis

One person died in an accident in Mollis on Saturday night. The vehicle went off the road and landed in a water-filled tank ditch.

tsf. A fatal traffic accident occurred in Mollis in Glarus on the night of Saturday. Shortly after 3 a.m., the cantonal emergency call center was informed that a vehicle had come off the cul-de-sac in Mollis and was now lying in a water-filled anti-tank ditch from the Second World War.

The vehicle slid into an old anti-tank ditch.

Glarus cantonal police

As the Glarner canton police announced on Saturday, the Näfels-Mollis road rescue service was able to rescue the vehicle and a lifeless person in it from the water. Around 60 people were involved in the rescue. Police divers from the St. Gallen cantonal police were also deployed to search for other people who may have had an accident.

The cause of the accident is unknown and is being investigated. The police are looking for witnesses.

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