Motorways: fares will increase by around 2% on February 1

Tolls for the motorway networks will increase by around 2% from February 1, following an increase of 0.44% at the start of 2021.

For cars (class 1 vehicle), prices increase by 1.89% on the Cofiroute network, 2.19% on ASF, 1.91% on Sanef or 2.05% on APRR, official increases which confirm Department of Transport figures reported in December.

The very strict contracts linking the motorway companies to the State provide for an automatic increase in toll rates every year on February 1, depending in particular on inflation and the works undertaken on the network.

No more than inflation

“Toll rates on February 1, 2022 will not increase more than inflation,” said a source close to motorway concessionaires in December.

Inflation in France accelerated to 1.6% over the whole of 2021, as an annual average, according to INSEE, at its highest since 2018, under the effect of a surge in oil prices. energy and a rise in the prices of manufactured goods. In December, consumer prices increased by 2.8% year on year.

At the beginning of 2019, in the midst of contesting the “yellow vests”, the government had asked and obtained from motorway companies a 30% reduction in prices for regular drivers, in the absence of a reduction for all.

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