Here you can get what Netflix and Co. offer for free – is that legal?


At you get what cinemas and streaming services offer for free for free. That can’t be legal, can it?’s offer makes fans of films and series wide-eyed. (Source: PheelingsMedia /

  • While Netflix and Co. charge money for series and films, you stream at without payment.
  • However, anyone who makes use of the offer is acting against the law.
  • Various penalties are possible.

With streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, countless films and series episodes are available on demand. For some interested parties, however, an absurdity: Access to the offer costs money.

Portals like offer the supposed solution, because streaming is possible there for free, and you don’t even need to register.

  1. Is using illegal?

  2. Penalties for streaming via

  3. Is blocked?

  4. Alternate domains

  5. Alternatives to

However, the entertainment happiness is disturbed by a small but serious fact: the portals act against copyright law with their offer and whoever accesses it is also liable to prosecution. Below you can find out how the use of and Co. is punished as well as further information regarding illegal streaming portals.

Is using illegal?

As noted in the introduction, the answer to this question is yes. If you’ve ever been to the website to get a first impression, there’s no need to panic right now. Just surfing the site is not a problem. Only when you play one of the streaming offers do you enter dangerous territory.

Most of them are obviously copyrighted material that is being made available free of charge against the will of the copyright holder. For a long time, users could not be prosecuted for playing such content. However, that changed in 2017 following a ruling by the European Court of Justice.

Penalties for streaming via

It is relatively rare for users to be caught streaming via portals such as, but if they do, they must at least be prepared for a warning and the associated costs. These amount to 150 euros plus license fees of five to ten euros per streamed content.

If such a notice ends up in the house, you should take a very close look at it, because sometimes behind the payment requests there is also an attempt by criminals to pull the money out of your pocket.

Anyone who not only streams, but also downloads and distributes the content, i.e. commits a particularly serious infringement of copyright, can even be prosecuted by the judicial authorities and prosecuted.

Is blocked? is not only blocked, the domain is no longer assigned. The streaming portal behind it still exists. It can be reached via “”. The fact that the page can no longer be accessed using the original web address is most likely due to the fact that the rights holders are fighting illegal streaming portals.

A procedure from 2018 between Constantin Film and Vodafone can be cited as a milestone in these efforts. The rights holder was able to obtain an injunction against the Internet provider before the Münster Regional Court, requesting them to block the streaming portal for its users.

After initial protest, Vodafone complied with the verdict with a DNS block. Since the beginning of 2021, there has even been an association of rights holders and internet providers whose only goal is to find sites whose content violates copyright and to block access to them: the clearing house copyrights on the internet.

However, it is always most desirable for rights holders to have the pages removed from the Internet. On the one hand, DNS blocks only work on the provider side, so the pages can still be reached with connections from other Internet providers. On the other hand, the blockages can be bypassed relatively easily with an alternative DNS server or a VPN.

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In any case, “” is currently still online and, as far as we know, free of DNS blocks. However, this can change at any time. You can check the online status of the site at any time via our overview of all streaming portals”>Overview of all streaming portals.

Alternate domains

In addition to “”, the domain “” also exists, but due to the design, we doubt that this portal is related to the original portal. It’s different with “”. According to a reference to “Movie Watcher”, this should be the operator’s new portal.

As a look at Burningseries and shows, you should be careful with illegal streaming portals in general and their alternative domains in particular. Namely, there is a possibility that cyber criminals want to take advantage of the popularity of these sites to install malware on users’ end devices.

So if you intend to visit one of the portals despite our warnings, at least make sure you are using an up-to-date antivirus program.

Alternatives to

Instead of watching movies and series illegally on, it is more advisable to invest in a paid streaming service. With these you can access a large selection of films and series episodes without breaking the law or having to fear malware.

If you don’t want to spend any money, there are also many alternatives that are both legal and free.

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