Mrs. Bella in GLOSSIP: Your Tricks For Dream Hair

GLOSSIP – The GALA Beauty Podcast
Mrs. Bella: Your tricks for dream hair

Mrs. Bella

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In GLOSSIP – the GALA Beauty Podcast – we take you into an even more beautiful world. In the current season GLOSSIP, Mrs. Bella is our guest and reveals her tips for dream hair in the fourth episode.

She has two million followers: inside on Instagram and over a million subscribers: inside on YouTube: Mrs. Bella, 28, is without a doubt one of the most successful German stars on social media.

Episode 4: These are Mrs. Bella’s tricks for dream hair

Literally back to the roots: Beauty entrepreneur Mrs. Bella is a trained hairdresser. We had to ask her about the best hair tricks for the new episode GLOSSIP. Of course she has some! She also tells us how she prefers to style her hair and why she is such an exemplary customer at the hairdresser she trusts.

Episode 3: This is Mrs. Bella’s grooming routine

Beauty is her job – we just asked Mrs. Bella specifically in GLOSSIP about her beauty routine and her care tips. She reveals who her idol is and what she would never do without.

Episode 2: That belongs in Mrs. Bella’s beauty bag

Cosmetic bags often say more about the owner than a thousand words. No wonder that we asked beauty entrepreneur Mrs. Bella in the second episode GLOSSIP to show us her beauty bag. Hear which products you always have to take with you!

Episode 1: Mrs. Bella: This is her background

It all started with an apprenticeship as a hairdresser, followed by YouTube videos that reached more and more people. Bella is now working with well-known brands such as MAC or La Roche Posay and has brought very successful cosmetic collaborations onto the market. In GLOSSIP she tells how she pursued her dream with commitment and finally made it come true.

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