Much cheaper than at Amazon: This Fire Tablet is available at Aldi with a huge discount


From May 19th, Aldi will be offering the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet in its online shop. Curiously, it’s significantly cheaper than on Amazon.

From April 19th at Aldi: Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet (Source: Amazon)

  • The Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet will be on offer at Aldi from May 19th.
  • The tablet is even available significantly cheaper than on Amazon.
  • This is the larger storage variant with 64 gigabytes.

Amazon actually sets the selling price for Fire tablets. The devices are usually cheapest from the mail order company itself, but other dealers are then allowed to take part in promotions. Things are different at Aldi. The discounter will be offering the Fire HD 8 in the 64 gigabyte version in its online shop from May 19th at a low price of just 64.99 euros.

The regular retail price on Amazon is 145 euros, the mail order company currently has the model on offer for 105 euros – still significantly more expensive than Aldi.

The Fire tablet offers an 8-inch HD display, a six-core processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and a battery life of up to 13 hours. The device is ideal for simple activities such as small games, surfing, streaming or emails.

Thanks to extensive parental controls, the Fire HD 8 can also be set up as a children’s tablet. This way, you can keep them entertained on the way to your summer vacation, for example.

Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet
  • HD display

  • Expandable storage space

  • Extensive entertainment

The Amazon Fire HD 8 has a recommended retail price of 145 euros; it currently costs 105 euros from the mail order company itself. Aldi’s offer is significantly better at 65 euros.

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