Much to complain about – quite a few traffic offenders on Salzburg’s streets

Salzburg’s police officers have had a lot to do at traffic controls in the past few days. The spectrum ranged from drug drivers and drunk drivers to souped-up mopeds.

On Wednesday, a 15-year-old from the city of Salzburg was given the “Taferl” and the registration certificate of her moped. She had previously been noticed during a speed check in Fürstenweg in Salzburg. On the moped test stand, it turned out that the teenager’s vehicle clearly exceeded the 45 km / h limit at 75 km / h. The officers also found an untyped sports exhaust and an oil leak on her two-wheeler. During the same inspection, there were also 19 reports of speeding, twelve other administrative reports and eight official mandates for telephoning at the wheel. Four of the cellphone sinners caught were cyclists. Late on Friday evening, Salzburg police officers on the Westautobahn went online with an alcoholic. She said she had a few glasses of beer during the day. The alcohol test gave a value of 0.6 per mille. The 26-year-old was no longer allowed to drive and was reported. Shortly after midnight on Saturday, another woman came into conflict with the traffic regulations. The 20-year-old Viennese was stopped by a civil patrol because she had problems keeping track. During the control, the THC test showed positive results. The police doctor confirmed the drug-related unfit to drive after an examination. The woman who said she smoked a joint that afternoon should now expect a complaint.
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