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Mucking out: Finally order in the closet

The closet is overflowing and has long been mucked out or better sorted? Then now is a good time to tackle this task and calmly rethink the wardrobe.

Parts from which one should finally separate

Everyone has been hoarding the usual suspects in their closets over the years. For example the "I'll fit in there again soon" jeans, the "It's still good" top or the "Someday the right occasion will come" party dress. The "Will be back in" section is just as popular. For everyone: get out!

Store favorite parts easily accessible

Before the wardrobe is rearranged, it is helpful to counteract the chronic lack of space. You can do this by separating your clothing according to the season. Parts that are not used due to the weather can be stored well stored in the basement or in the attic.

Then the admission begins. The main thing to consider here is which parts to wear most often. At the moment this is probably the most comfortable homewear for a large part of the German population. In general, it is important to make the frequently worn parts quickly accessible and to stow the rest further away. These hierarchies in the closet help to keep things organized. Because you don't have to rummage wildly through all parts in search of your beloved top, skirt or sweater.

Use gaps sensibly

The spaces in between can also be used optimally to get the maximum space out of the wardrobe. Small boxes, for example, provide more system in the closet, as they are perfect for storing accessories.

Hang more instead of stacking

A rule of thumb for more order in the closet: Everything that can be on the hanger should also be hung up if possible. For example, if you have your pants folded in your closet, you should rethink this. Because these can easily be hung with the right hangers. This not only looks neat, but also prevents the chaos that arises when you have to dig through the high stack on the counter. Organized shifting and sifting is the motto!

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