Mudflat hike: The walk becomes life-threatening that quickly

Mudflat hike
Self-experiment: a walk in the North Sea becomes life-threatening that quickly

Mudflat hike: relaxing, but unfortunately often risky for tourists.


A romantic walk can easily turn into a life-threatening situation: A self-experiment shows how quickly you can unexpectedly be surrounded by the sea.

In the pandemic, Germany is more popular than ever as a travel destination. Of course, the rough North Sea coast with its inviting beaches is a particularly beautiful vacation spot. But the region harbors dangers that many tourists are not aware of. Mudflat walks in particular can quickly end fatally.

Mudflat hike: caught in high tide and current

Taking a walk on the ocean floor between lugworms and ripple marks at low tide, where the wild water is raging again just a few hours later, is risky. The tragic case of a young rider and her horse in Cuxhaven shows how dangerous the mudflats actually are. You can see the whole story and how a reporter was trapped by the sea during his experiment in the mudflats in a very short time in the video.

Source: RTL