MultiVersus: a dataminer discovers a functionality allowing to share a Battle Pass

With its season 1 fast approaching, MultiVersus is attracting the attention of a lot of players. Thereby, AisulMVa dataminer found a Battle Pass sharing feature. He posted a screenshot of a menu “Find a Battle Pass Partner“. This feature appears to allow players to search for another player’s username. to team up with him.

According to AisulMV, this feature has been planned for a while and may be added with season 1 of the game from First Player Games. According to this information, the Battle Pass linking feature would allow two players to “conquer the Battle Pass faster” and to share their rewards.

“Both players will contribute to the same Battle Pass and the Battle Pass of the player with the least progress will match the others.

If either player has a Premium Battle Pass, both players will share progress on the Battle Pass.

Quest rewards and XP for both players are still awarded.”

You can also see in this screenshot that “the Battle Pass can only be bound once per seasonwhich suggests that players who have everything unlocked cannot simply add a group of friends and give them all the rewards.

As AisulMV said, these images do not necessarily mean that the sharing of the Battle Pass will arrive in MultiVersus in the future, however, they show that this functionality was planned at some point by the developers. This feature would make sense with the balancing of the title which is oriented towards 2v2. Thus, sharing Battle Pass progress with another user would encourage players to play together.

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