Multiversus: A feature to share the progress of your Battle Pass with a friend?

It seems like MultiVersus focuses more than ever on the 2v2 multiplayer. Indeed, a recent leak reveals that players might be able to share their Battle Pass progress.

A Battle Pass Partner

The data miner AisulMV shared information about his find via his Twitter account. We can see screenshots of a system designed to allow two MultiVersus players to link their accounts.

The first image shows an in-game menu with the title “Find a Battle Pass Partner“. It seems to be a way to search for a player name to then be able to invite him to link the two accounts.

The second image is a new menu titled “Battle Pass Link Request“, which mentions the possibility of “conquering” the battlefield of MultiVersus more quickly, while sharing the rewards.

  • The first point indicates that linked players both contribute XP to the same Battle Pass.
  • The second point indicates that if either player has a Premium Battle Pass, players will share their progress on it.
  • The third point indicates that quest rewards and XP are always awarded to both players.

two is better

So the screenshots hint that two MultiVersus players could share a Battle Pass, doubling their XP gains. XP rewards obtained by both players from completing quests will thus go into the same progress bar. As players level up, they both earn rewards.

Also, while somewhat ambiguous, it may well be that only one player has to pay for the premium version of the Battle Pass.

With this mechanic, it would seem that Player First Games further encourages team play in MultiVersus.

And then, earning rewards faster will encourage both MultiVersus players to play more often, which will keep the player base going.

Be careful though, if AisulMV seems to say that this information is not from yesterday, they have not been confirmed or denied by Player First Games, so they should be taken with a grain of salt.

MultiVersus is available now in open beta for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

While EVO 2022 is now officially launched, MultiVersus continues its merry way and one of the people in charge of the project tells us more about the price of the first real free-to-play battle pass, but also on the number of rewards to unlock.

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