MultiVersus: The Goonies soon to be integrated? – MultiVersus

Since its launch, several characters have been added to MultiVersus, and a multitude of others are planned to arrive in the fighting game, the identity of which is potentially known with the leaks. Some of them could also come from the universe of the Gooniesaccording to another leak.

The Goonies in MultiVersus?

Indeed, a dataminer would have found, in the game files, a mention of a new universe, in addition to those already present, that of the Goonies. Everything therefore suggests that a character (or several) from the group of friends, in search of treasure, will soon be playable. Moreover, there is a chance that it is Cinoque, one of the Fratelli brothers, known in particular for his physique.

Obviously, all this information is to be taken conditionally, since it is only a leak. But knowing that the leaks are rather verified over time, it is not impossible that the Goonies will arrive in MultiVersus in the coming months. In fact, one of them could be the headliner for season 2, which will arrive in November, but Warner Bros. has not yet communicated on the theme and content of this season.

Waiting, Arcade mode and Black Adam, DC Comics superhero, arrive before the end of October, on MultiVersus. The latter remains available in free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series. You can also enjoy a tier list of the best characters.

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