Munich police stop a prohibited demonstration

UDespite a current ban on gatherings, a few hundred opponents of the current anti-corona policy marched through the city center in Munich on Wednesday evening. The police stopped them in several places.

Several groups were stopped and the personal details were recorded, the police said on Twitter. Loudspeaker announcements accused the demonstrators of taking part in unauthorized gatherings and promised fines. The city of Munich had banned protests in advance – and threatened fines of up to 3,000 euros.

The organizers had recently canceled a demonstration originally announced for the evening with up to 5000 participants – because they were not satisfied with the court-confirmed conditions.

The Munich Administrative Court had decided that a demonstration against the Corona policy, as ordered by the City of Munich, could only take place on the Theresienwiese – but with 5000 instead of only 2000 participants. The court thus dismissed urgent motions by the organizers against the ban on a demonstration and against the ordered relocation of the rally from the university quarter to the Theresienwiese. The initiative “Munich stands up” then announced that the rally had been canceled.

The organizers also canceled a demonstration on December 22nd because of the restrictions that were also imposed at the time. Instead, thousands of people met for so-called Corona “walks” and sometimes clashed violently with the police: eight emergency services were injured in clashes. Something similar happened in Schweinfurt, where there was aggression and violence.

In response to all of these incidents, the police once again significantly increased their presence in Munich on Wednesday evening.

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