Munich: Sisters humiliate disabled people – pilot must abort landing approach

  • On a flight from Ankara to Munich there were riots on the plane.
  • Two sisters (mid 20s) insulted and attacked a severely disabled woman.
  • The pilot had to abort the landing in the meantime.

This incident is stunned: As reported by the police inspection at Munich Airport, two women thrown cutlery and a cell phone at a severely disabled woman on a flight to Munich last Wednesday.

The two sisters, in their mid-20s, from Austria sat on the flight from Ankara to Munich in front of the 55-year-old severely disabled and her 52-year-old companion. Because they felt disturbed and bothered by the 55-year-old, they suddenly threw objects backwards at the two women. Among other things, cutlery flew and a cell phone – the two young women also spoke of threats.

Sisters humiliate severely disabled woman – pilot must abort landing

The situation on board escalated completely, so the pilot of the Turkish airline had to cancel the approach to Munich Airport for security reasons. As the police report, he had to start again and twist two loops over the airport in the Erdinger Moos. During this time, the on-board personnel "overpowered" the two women and the pilot landed in Munich. All 50 passengers on board were unharmed.

After the landing, several patrols from the federal and state police were ready to arrest the two women. They resisted, scratched an official and injured him. On site it turned out that the two Austrians were heavily alcoholic and were likely to be under the influence of other intoxicants.

Sisters come to the clinic – and have to answer for crimes

Since it was not clear what the substances are and how they work in conjunction with alcohol, both women were taken to a hospital where a blood sample was taken. One of the women was treated on an outpatient basis, the other had to stay in the hospital due to symptoms of poisoning.

According to the police, the 55-year-old was "at least physically unharmed" by the litters. The sisters now have to answer for a number of criminal offenses – among other things, it involves dangerous interference in air traffic, several assault crimes as well as an assault on police officers. The Munich Airport Police Inspectorate has initiated preliminary investigations. Both are brought before the investigating judge on Thursday, who decides on the question of detention.

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